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Positive Balance Consultants offer you a full range of onsite, online and cloud bookkeeping and accounts services. We can do as much or as little of your bookkeeping work as you like. You will find an outline of our services below and if there is something outside of the ordinary you need help with, then don’t hesitate to let us know about it.

Online and cloud based bookkeeping

There are many fantastic cloud and online bookkeeping solutions currently available.  These systems are flexible, efficient and inexpensive and can save you a lot of time and money.  We can help you choose, set up and run a cloud based system with as much or as little help from us as you like.  Once you’re up and running, we can usually access your system remotely (if you give us permission) and provide you with bookkeeping services anytime, from anywhere.  It really is the way of the future and takes a lot of stress out of bookkeeping.

Business Activity Satements

Preparation of BAS is our speciality. We want to make sure you claim all that you can and we may also be able to arrange an extra 2 weeks for you to lodge your statement with the ATO. Our aim is to make sure that BAS time is no longer a headache for you. We can enter all your data, balance your books, prepare your BAS reports and then lodge everything with the ATO. We can also help you plan for future statements so that you are never caught short when you have to make a payment to the ATO.

Data entry and record management

No-one likes data entry, but help is here! You can give us all your loose receipts and records and we will make sense of them and then enter them into your accounting software. This ensures that wherever possible business expenses are backed up with a receipt and where no receipt is available we can input the relevant information so that you have a much better chance of proving the validity of your expense to the ATO. Once all your data is entered and reconciled with your bank statements we can present you with a complete set of business reports to assist you with running your business. You can provide these reports to your accountant who will love how organised and professional you’ve become!


Paying your employees the right amount at the right time is crucial to any businesses success. A business cannot be successful without reasonably satisfied employees and the best way to upset your employees is to not pay them correctly. We can make paying your staff a lot easier for you by processing your payrol each week/fortnight/month. We can enter all your payroll data, accurately record all your employee entitlements, produce payslips for you to provide to your employees and manage your PAYE witholding tax obligations. This is one area of running a business that most business owners are very happy to hand over to someone else! 

Filing and document management

Would your business stand up to an ATO audit? Not many business owners have time to set up an easy to use filing and collation system for their tax receipts and other important documents. We can set up an easy to use filing system so that individual invoices or documents are easy to find should you need to access them in the future. Imagine how much time and money you could save if you could easily locate important receipts, warranty information or insurance papers.

Office setup

Its amazing how well your office can run when it is setup correctly. We have seen all sorts of office setups and we know which ones work the best. Whether you are just starting out and need some help with setting things up right from the start, or you are slowly drowing in a disorganised mess that you have been meaning to ‘sort out’ for years, Positive Balance Consultants are here to help. We can come in and get your office running like a well oiled machine. Everything will be set up with the needs of your specific business and industry in mind. You’ll wonder why you didn’t get us in earlier!

Accounting Software

MYOB is one of Australia’s most popular small business accounting software programs. For this reason Positive Balance Consultants has established itself as a MYOB Certified Consultant. To attain this status, Positive Balance Consultants has had to prove its knowledge and understanding of all versions of MYOB software as well as its proficiency as a bookkeeping service and its dedication to providing a professional service to its clients. Our status as a MYOB Certified Consultant means that we can offer you advice on which accounting software to purchase. We can also assist you with installing it and can train you or your staff on how to use it. 

Debt collection

Managing cash-flow in a small business can be challenging. It would be great if all our clients paid up front, or even on time, but the reality is that most small business owners have to chase payment from at least some of their clients. Many business owners find this a difficult task. They may be uncomfortable asking people for payment or perhaps they are worried about the impact it may have on their relationship with their clients. The simple solution to this is to outsource your debt collection. Each week/fortnight/month we can contact everyone who owes you money and help you keep your debtors under control. We have experience in doing this in a very professional and courteous manner and we understand completely how important your clients are to you…   almost important as our clients are to us!